Contoh Soal Descriptive Text dan Kunci Jawabannya

Halo sahabat kebuncerita apa kabar? Pada kesempatan kali ini, kami akan memberikan contoh soal descriptive text. Contoh soal ini dapat kalian gunakan untuk melatih kemampuan membaca kalian ataupun dapat juga digunakan sebagai bahan latihan membaca murid di dalam kelas. Jangan lupa untuk mencantumkan sumbernya jika kalian ini menggunakan contoh soal reading ini

contoh soal reading Bahasa Inggris
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Kripik or keripik are Indonesian chips or crisps, bite-size snack crackers that can be savoury or sweet. They are made from various dried fruits, tubers, vegetables, and fish that have undergone a deep frying process in hot vegetable oil. They can be lightly seasoned with salt, or spiced with chili powder and sugar.
Kripik is closely related to krupuk since it is popularly considered as a smaller sized krupuk. In Indonesia, the term krupuk refers to a type of relatively large crackers, while kripik or keripik refers to smaller bite-size crackers. Usually, krupuk is made from a dried paste consisting of a mixture of starch and other ingredients, while kripik are usually made entirely from a thinly sliced, sun-dried, and deep-fried product without any mixture of starch.
Kripik are traditionally made by a small-scale home industry. However, just like the potato chip industry in the western counterpart, it is common to find mass-produced packed kripik snacks in shops, minimarkets and supermarkets in Indonesia. Kripiks are often sold as oleh-oleh or food gift to be brought home after travels. Certain areas have developed their specialty kripiks which depend on locally available ingredients and recipes. For example, Lampung is well known for its banana kripiks, Malang in East Java for its fruit-based kripiks, including apple and jackfruit kripiks, while Bandung is well known for its tempeh, oncom, tubers and sweet potato-based kripiks. Bukittinggi city in West Sumatra on the other hand, is famous for its Keripik sanjay, hot and spicy cassava coated with balado chili sauce.  (adapted from

1.    What is the purpose of the text above?
a.     To describe the history of kripiks as one of the traditional snacks in Indonesia
b.    To elaborate the process of how to make kripiks
c.     To promote kripiks to readers as a food gift
d.    To discuss about kripiks in general

2.    “They can be lightly seasoned with salt…” (Paragraph 1)
What does the word “they” refer to?
a.     Hot vegetable oil
b.    Fish
c.     Kripiks
d.    Sweet crackers

3.    According to the above text, what is the main difference between krupuk and kripik?
a.     The price
b.    The place where the products come from
c.     The size
d.    The shops that sell the products

4.    “…while kripik are usually made entirely from a thinly sliced, sun-dried, and deep-fried product…” (Paragraph 2)
The word “entirely” is synonymous with…
a.     Relatively
b.    Wholly
c.     Slightly
d.    Moderately

5.    Which information below is true about kripik?
a.     Kripik is made only by small-scale industries in small towns
b.    Fruit-based kripik is exclusively produced in Malang, East Java
c.     Kripik can made from various ingredients
d.    Bukittiggi is famous for its kripik tempeh

Kunci Jawaban

1.    D
2.    C
3.    C
4.    B
5.    C

Baiklah sekian contoh soal descriptive yang dapat kebuncerita berikan. Semoga contoh soal reading ini bisa bermanfaat. Terimkasih telah berkunjung dan sampai jumpa lagi.


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