Contoh Soal Narrative Text dan Kunci Jawabannya

Contoh soal narrative text dan kunci jawabannya
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Halo sahabat kebuncerita apa kabar? Pada kesempatan kali ini, kami akan memberikan contoh soal narrative text. Contoh soal ini dapat kalian gunakan untuk melatih kemampuan membaca kalian ataupun dapat juga digunakan sebagai bahan latihan membaca murid di dalam kelas. Jangan lupa untuk mencantumkan sumbernya jika kalian ini menggunakan contoh soal reading in

Grasshopper and Toad appeared to be good friends. People always saw them together. Yet they had never dined at each other's houses. One day Toad said to Grasshopper, "Dear friend, tomorrow come and dine at my house. My wife and I will prepare a special meal. We will eat it together."  The next day Grasshopper arrived at Toad's house. Before sitting down to eat, Toad washed his forelegs, and invited Grasshopper to do the same. Grasshopper did so, and it made a loud noise.
"Friend Grasshopper, can't you leave your chirping behind. I cannot eat with such a noise," said Toad. Grasshopper tried to eat without rubbing his forelegs together, but it was impossible. Each time he gave a chirp, Toad complained and asked him to be quiet. Grasshopper was angry and could not eat. Finally, he said to Toad: "I invite you to my house for dinner, tomorrow."
The next day, Toad arrived at Grasshopper's home. As soon as the meal was ready, Grasshopper washed his forelegs, and invited Toad to do the same. Toad did so, and then hopped toward the food. "You had better go back and wash again," said Grasshopper. "All that hopping in the dirt has made your forelegs dirty again."  Toad hopped back to the water jar, washed again, then hopped back to the table, and was ready to reach out for some food from one of the platters when Grasshopper stopped him: "Please don’t put your dirty paws into the food. Go and wash them again."
Toad was furious. "You just don't want me to eat with you!" he cried. "You know very well that I must use my paws and forelegs in hopping about. I cannot help it if they get a bit dirty between the water jar and the table."  Grasshopper responded, "You are the one who started it yesterday. You know I cannot rub my forelegs together without making a noise."  From then on, they were no longer friends.  (Adapted from


1.    We know from paragraph 1 that…
a.     Grasshopper and toad were no longer friends
b.    Grasshopper and toad enjoyed each other company
c.     People were envy of grasshopper and toad
d.    Grasshoppers had a big family

2.    What was the first thing toad asked grasshopper to do when he arrived at toad’s house?
a.     Asked him to prepare the meal
b.    Asked him to sit down
c.     Asked him to meet his wife
d.    Asked him to clean himself

3.    What was toad irritated by?
a.     The grasshopper’s dirty forelegs
b.    The noise his wife made
c.     The sound coming from the grasshopper’s legs
d.    The meal

4.    The following are what happened at grasshopper’s house, except…
a.     Grasshopper prepared the meal
b.    Toad came to grasshopper’s house with his wife
c.     Grasshopper did the same routine as toad did in his house before eating
d.    Toad kept getting his legs dirty

5.    “You know very well that I must use my paws and forelegs in hopping about.” (Paragraph 4)
The word “hopping” has the closest meaning with…
a.     jumping
b.    wishing
c.     running
d.    thinking

Kunci jawaban
1.    B
2.    D
3.    C
4.    B
5.    A

Baiklah sekian contoh soal narrative yang dapat kebuncerita berikan. Semoga contoh soal reading ini bisa bermanfaat. Terimkasih telah berkunjung dan sampai jumpa lagi.


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