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Contoh Soal Narrative Text dan Kunci Jawabannya

Halo sahabat Kebuncerita, apa kabarnya? Hari ini, Kebuncerita akan memberikan contoh soal Narrative. Contoh soal reading ini dapat kalian gunakan untuk mengasah kemampuan membaca kalian atau juga dapat kalian gunakan sebagai soal latihan di dalam kelas. Jika dirasa bermanfaat, silahkan bagikan contoh soal narrative text ini dan jangan lupa untuk mencantumkan sumbernya ya.

contoh soal narrative text
The sun via
Many years ago, the sun and water were great friends, and they both lived on the earth together. The sun very often used to visit the water, but the water never returned the visits.  At last, the sun asked the water why he never visited. The water replied that the sun's house was not big enough and that if he came with all his people, he would drive the sun out of his home.  The water then said, "If you want me to visit you, you will have to build a very large house. But I warn you that it will have to be very large, as my people are numerous and take up a lot of room".  The sun promised to build a very large house, and soon afterwards, he returned home to his wife, the moon, who greeted him with a broad smile.  The sun told the moon what he had promised the water, and the next day, they began building a large house to entertain the water and all his people.
When it was completed, the sun asked the water to come and visit him.  When the water arrived, one of his people called out to the sun, and asked him whether it would be safe for the water to enter, and the sun answered, "Yes, tell my friend to come in."  The water began to flow in, followed by the fish and all the other water animals. Very soon, the water was knee-deep in the house, so he asked the sun if it was still safe, and the sun again said, "Yes," so more of them came in.  When the water was at the level of a man's head, the water said to the sun, "Do you want more of my people to come?"  Not knowing any better, the sun and the moon both said, "Yes,". More and more of the water's people came in, until the sun and the moon had to sit on top of the roof.  The water once again asked the sun if it was still okay to keep coming in. The sun and moon answered yes, so more and more of the water's people came in.  The water soon overflowed the top of the roof, and the sun and the moon were forced to go up into the sky and they have been there ever since. (adapted from

1.    What is the story mainly about?
a.     How the sun met the moon and how they became a friend with the water
b.     How the sun and the moon were up into the sky
c.     The fight between the sun and the water
d.     How the sun and the moon build their large house

2.    We know from the story that…
a.     The water, the sun and the moon are living in the same place now
b.     The water forced the sun to let its people come inside the house
c.     The moon used to live on Earth
d.     The sun and the water used to live together in a same house

3.    Which of the following statement is false?
a.     The sun and the moon were living together
b.     The sun promised the water to do what the water had requested
c.     The moon did not like about the idea of building a very large house
d.     The sun liked to visit the water’s house

4.    “At last the sun asked the water why he never visited” (paragraph 1)
The word ‘at last’ can be best replaced with…
a.     eventually
b.     at the beginning
c.     undoubtedly
d.     immediately

5.    Why did the sun build a very large house?
a.     Because he promised to his wife to do so
b.     Because he wanted to entertain the moon and its people
c.     Because he did not have enough rooms for his guests
d.     Because he wanted to visit water’s house

Kunci jawaban:
1.    B
2.    C
3.    C
4.    A
5.    C

Baiklah, sekian contoh soal narrative text yang dapat Kebuncerita berikan. Semoga contoh soal reading ini bermanfaat. Terimakasih dan sampai jumpa.


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