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Halo sahabat Kebuncerita, kali ini kami akan membagikan contoh soal news item dan kunci jawaban. Pada kesempatan ini, kami mengadaptasi sebuah berita mengenai penutupan sebuah outlet McD Sarinah. Kalian bisa menggunakan contoh soal ini untuk mengasah kemampuan membaca ataupun juga dapat kalian gunakan sebagai bahan latihan di dalam kelas. Jika bermanfaat, kalian dapat membagikan contoh soal news item ini dan jangan lupa untuk menyertakan sumbernya ya.

contoh soal descriptive dan kunci jawabannya
McDonals's outlet via

JAKARTA: Hundreds of people in central Jakarta gathered on Sunday night (May 10) to say their goodbyes to Indonesia’s first McDonald’s outlet, in what some have said was a potential violation of COVID-19 restrictions. Sarinah, a state-owned shopping centre where the flagship outlet was located, announced last week that the whole building would undergo renovation starting next month.
The shopping centre is also adjusting its retail mix in favour of Indonesian franchises as well as small and medium enterprises when the renovation is completed in 2021. After nearly 30 years in business, the McDonald’s outlet at the Sarinah shopping centre closed its doors at 10.05pm on Sunday.
Videos and photos circulating on social media showed several hundred people flocking to the outlet’s parking lot to watch employees close the shop for the last time. In one video, the workers were seen bowing to the cheering crowd before a man was heard shouting “McDonald’s Sarinah". McDonald’s Indonesia also live-streamed the store’s closing on its Instagram account.
Since McDonald's announced the closure of the outlet on May 8, Indonesians have been tweeting their fond memories of the restaurant, loved for being a hangout that operated round the clock. “It is a place for late-night chit-chat, early morning meet up with friends ... (A place) to chill out when electricity is out at my rented room, a restaurant visited on the first day of Idul Fitri,” Twitter user Santy Tobing said in response to the announcement. “Too many fond memories at McD Sarinah. Thank you and sayonara.”
The outlet, which first opened on Feb 23, 1991, was located on the busy Thamrin street, at the heart of Jakarta where government offices and multinational companies are located. (adapted from

1.     What did hundreds of people gather on Sunday night?
a.     To bid a farewell to one of the fast food outlets
b.     To close McDonald’s outlet
c.     To say goodbye to each other
d.     To deliver an announcement about the closure of one of the fast food outlets in Sarinah

2.     Which one of the flowing statements is true about Sarinah?
a.     The whole building in Sarinah is undergoing a renovation
b.     Sarinah is one of the shopping centres in Jakarta owned by a private company
c.     One of the oldest McDonald’s outlets is in Sarinah
d.     Sarinah is the epicentre of COVID-19

3.     “The shopping centre is also adjusting its retail mix…” (paragraph 2)
The word ‘adjusting’ from the above sentence can be best replaced with…
a.     removing
b.     rearranging
c.     purchasing
d.     demolishing

4.     How long has the McDonald’s outlet in Sarinah been operating?
a.     30 years
b.     Less than 30 years
c.     More than 30 years
d.     Nearly 20 years

5.     According to the text, where did the people gather to watch the closure of the outlet?
a.     Inside the outlet
b.     On the park
c.     On the parking lot
d.     On the outlet’s balcony

6.     “…its Instagram account.” (paragraph 3)
What does the word ‘it’ from the above sentence refer to?
a.     McDonald’s Sarinah
b.     McDonad’s Indonesia
c.     McDonald’s employee
d.     Instagram

7.     What do Indonesians say about McDonald’s outlet in Sarinah on social media?
a.     That the outlet is the only place they share fond memories
b.     That all people in Jakarta usually visit the outlet on the first day of Idul Fitri
c.     That some people love spending their late-night time on the place
d.     That they never spend their morning time on the outlet

Kunci Jawaban
1.     A
2.     C
3.     B
4.     B
5.     C
6.     B
7.     C

Sekian contoh soal news item yang dapat kami berikan. Terimakasih sudah mengunjungi Kebuncerita dan sampai jumpa.


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