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Contoh Soal Narrative Text dan Kunci Jawabannya

Halo sahabat Kebuncerita, pada kesempatan kali ini kami akan memberikan contoh soal narrative text dan kunci jawabannya. Contoh soal ini dapat teman-teman gunakan untuk melatih kemampuan memahami isi bacaan ataupun juga bisa teman-teman gunakan sebagai bahan latihan murid-murid di dalam kelas. Jadi jika dirasa bermanfaat, silahkan gunakan dan sebarkan contoh soal narrative text berikut dan jangan lupa untuk menyertakan sumbernya juga ya.

contoh soal narrative text
Isssunboushi via
Once upon a time, there was an old couple who really wanted to have a child. Since they were old this was a bit difficult for them but they kept praying for a baby. One day their wish came true and the old woman gave birth to a small boy. The boy was so small people had a hard time seeing him, he was actually as small as the old man’s thumb, they called him Issunboushi
Issuboushi wanted to be a samurai and one day left his home with a needle (his sword), a bowl (his sandal) and 2 chopsticks (his paddles). He was soon discovered by the forces of the local governor and assigned as the guard of the princess. Shortly after, he and the princess were attacked by an Oni (the devil) and the devil swallowed Issunboushi. He managed to jab the needle into the devil’s body from the inside and this was when the devil puked him out. The devil then ran away by leaving the magical hammer behind. The princess used the magical hammer to make him a normal size prince. Issunboshi and the princess got married and lived happily after.


1.     Why was it not easy for the couple to have a child?
a.     Because they kept praying for a baby
b.     Because they were not married
c.     Because they were old
d.     Because they did not want a child

2.     “Since they were old…” (paragraph 1)
The word ‘since’ from the above sentence can be best replaced with
a.     So
b.     Because
c.     Because of
d.     However

3.     “The boy was so small people had a hard time seeing him…” (paragraph 1)
From the above sentence, we know that…
a.     The baby was small and hard
b.     The baby was small, and he could not see anything
c.     The baby could not be seen clearly because he was so tiny
d.     Both the parents and the baby were so small, and people could not see them easily

4.     What do we know about the baby?
a.     He was given by someone to the old couple
b.     He was no bigger than the thumb of an adult person
c.     People did not want to see him when he was born
d.     The process of giving birth to the baby to the baby was really difficult

5.     The followings are the thing Issuboushi took with him when he left home except…
a.     Needle
b.     Knife
c.     Bowl
d.     Chopsticks

6.     According to the text, what happened to Issuboushi after he left his home?
a.     He fought the local governor to save the princess
b.     He fought the devil to save himself and his parents
c.     He became a governor and married to a princess
d.     He had a job to safeguard a princess

7.     How did Issuboushi get his normal size?
a.     By the help of the devil’s hammer
b.     By defeating the devil
c.     By marrying the princess
d.     By being swallowed by the devil

Kunci jawaban
1.     C
2.     B
3.     C
4.     B
5.     B
6.     D
7.     A

Sekian contoh soal narrative text yang dapat kami berikan. Semoga contoh soal ini bermanfaat. Terimakasih sudah berkunjung dan sampai jumpa.


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