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Contoh Soal Descriptive Text dan Kunci Jawabannya

I Lost My ID

         So, a few days ago I got a bad experience, I lost my student ID card. I thought that I left it in my room as I usually did. Alas, after thoroughly searching my place I did not find what I looked for. I was panic at the time I realized that the id was not with me because I was at the study center and very often there would be security staffs came and asked whoever studying there to show their student ID. I have never witnessed students being kicked out because they do not bring their ID, but I am person who is always paranoid-having an anticipating thought but in an excessive way. Thus, I spent the whole day worrying that there would be a security staff came over me and had me show my ID. Well, things did not happen as I thought it would have been. So, it was a good point for me.

"I just loved seeing myself wearing it"

Not wanting to have the same feeling as the day before, the next following day I tried to visit the card service center at my university (after spending time finding out how to get a new replacement card the night before). I knew that the office starts to open at 8 in the morning according to the university website and I also knew that the office building was on Royal Ford garden area, in the opposite sie of the study center. So, at 08:05 a.m. I walked out from the study center and walked to Royal Ford garden. I had no idea where the building was at that time, so when I entered the garden gate, I sauntered to look for a building with “card service” name board. I had been walking to all the garden area, but I did not find the build I wanted. Not wanting to waste my time, I decided to go back to the study center and continued my work.
In the afternoon, I asked my friend for help to find the building. So, together with my friend, I walked to the same garden as thing morning. When we arrived at the garden’s gate, I turned my eyes to the building next to the entrance. It was a small building with an old shady wall. I had never thought that that build was the card service center because I have a predominant belief that a building placed next to a gate must be a place for a security staff (well, it is true in the Indonesian context).
After making sure that it was the right building, I opened the blue front door of the building. As it opened, we were welcomed by a lady that looked very busy (well I did not know whether she was busy or not but one thing for sure that lady reminded me to the Little Britain comedy show in some ways). After telling her my purpose for coming, I was asked for my email address to make sure that I was a student of the university. She was typing as I spelled out the email address. As my profile showed up on her screen, she told us to have a sit. She also told us to take any merchandises if we wanted to. Well to our surprises, when we asked whether we should pay some money for them, she said: “just help yourself.” I was thrilled that time, I mean I took a cup with my university name and logo on it; a cup that would cost me over than a pound sterling I believed if I bought it in university merchandise shop.
Not long after my friend and I took the cups, she told me that my card was ready, and I could choose the id card badge holder and lanyard. Again, it was free. I see there were three different lanyard colors. Black, purple, and rainbow. I like the black color, but I thought that I have already had black color on a lot of my things. I really would want to pick the purple color, not only that it is the color of my faculty but also that I find the color is appealing. Again, I have already had the same color on my lanyard. So, my choice went to the rainbow one. It liked it as it is colorful, and I just loved seeing myself wearing it. And just so you know, here in my university, if you lost your card and asked for a replacement you should pay 10 pound sterling for it. It is a big amount of money just for a card. So, take care yours, before it lost.


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