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I Lost My ID

So, a few days ago I got a bad experience, I lost my student ID card. I thought that I left it in my room as I usually did. Alas, after thoroughly searching my place I did not find what I looked for. I was panic at the time I realized that the id was not with me because I was at the study center and very often there would be security staffs came and asked whoever studying there to show their student ID. I have never witnessed students being kicked out because they do not bring their ID, but I am person who is always paranoid-having an anticipating thought but in an excessive way. Thus, I spent the whole day worrying that there would be a security staff came over me and had me show my ID. Well, things did not happen as I thought it would have been. So, it was a good point for me.

Not wanting to have the same feeling as the day before, the next following day I tried to visit the card service center at my university (after spending time finding out how to get a new replacement ca…