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These Activities Can be Nice Add-ons for Your More Meaningful Ramadhan

Ramadhan, the month in which all adult Moslems will practice fasting for all day long, approximately 12 hours for most countries like Indonesia and Malaysia, has finally come. Ramadhan falls in the ninth month of Islamic calendar and the onset of this month is vary, depending on the position of the moon. This year, 2017, Ramadhan begins on 27th May. 
Kebun cerita cerita rakyat cerita daerah folklore kisah rakyat cerita rakyat tradisional kisah seram nyata cerita seram belajar bahasa inggris
Ramadhan has come via

We, the Moslems, usually will mark this month as an onset of intense prayer as well as religious devotion. In this occasion, we will usually spend most of our day praying or reciting holy Quran. But, do we know that there is a lot of things that we can do in this month that can be nice add-ons to our devotion to the Creator. These activities not only good for us, if done, but also reflects the value taught in holy Quran (in my humble opinion). 

Numero uno
It’s time for cleaning
Yeah, Ramadhan days may seems longer for us than other days. It is actually psychologically explainable. In ramadhan, we would (always) think the time of “break-fasting” and as we keep thinking the same thing over and over, we would see that the time runs so slow. To distract our attention from such thing, cleaning our house might be nice thing to do.
I mean, look around your room. Is there any shock laying on the floor for more than a week? Or are there clothes kept in the basket prior this week that need ironing now? Or are you sure that your room is dust-free or spiders’ web-free? 
Kebun cerita cerita rakyat cerita daerah folklore kisah rakyat cerita rakyat tradisional kisah seram nyata cerita seram belajar bahasa inggris
Washing all those clothes residing peacefully in your basket via
If the answer is a big NO, then it is time for you to move your lazy butt and start to get what should have done done. After spending hours of cleaning, not only the satisfaction that you will get, you will also start to realize that the hours are not running as slow as before when you were doing nothing.

Number two
Read your books bruh!
Yes, reading, is still considered as “odd” thing to do in Indonesia. Not only beacuse we do not willingly spend our money on books but also because we are not encouraged to do so. Though, there has been a lot of slogan, program, notice, or whatsoever put by our government telling the benefits of reading and also the need to grow it as a habit but it seems not enough. We, Indonesia, still think that reading is wasting of time and also boring to do.
Then, why we do not make this month as a mark to change our perspective of reading. Doesn’t the first verse of holy Quran also encourage us to read, I do not need to cite the verse because I know that we all know that we know what the verse is.
If you think that reading is boring, it may be because we read a heavy topic book or read a book that doesn’t excite us. So, to make yourselves find reading interesting, why don’t you start by reading a book that interest you and also has few pages? Afterwards, as you grow loving to immerse yourself in reading, you can move on more heavy topic and more-page books.

Number three
It’s writing everyone!
If reading is regarded as and “odd” thing to do, may be the right term to describe how writing is regarded in our society is as “bizarre”. Yeah, you can cringe and not agree with me but the fact say the same. I mean, let see how our school system put writing as inconsequential subject to learn by giving the students a very few hours to practice in the class.
Kebun cerita cerita rakyat cerita daerah folklore kisah rakyat cerita rakyat tradisional kisah seram nyata cerita seram belajar bahasa inggris
Writing, immerse yourself on it and you are working of "eternity" via

While we cannot wholly depend ourselves to or blame on our educational system (I don’t know why I am talking about it), we can overcome this problem by ourselves. Practicing is the answer and practicing in Ramadhan might be a good kick start for it. Let’s set aside our time for at least one or one and a half hour per day to start thinking what we are going to write.
You do not need to write a full page with thousands of words as a start. Just start to write two or three paragraphs. If you can’t start it by writing argumentative text, which is hard because it requires you to put your opinions, you can start it by writing a recount text. It is way easier because it merely needs you to write your experience or something that you had experienced before.  

Number Four
Taking part as a volunteer
If reading or writing doesn’t interest you enough, then this activity could be another add-on that you can do on Ramadhan. Volunteering to help people a nice thing to do because it is glorifying our sense of caring to those being unfortunate and needy.
Taking part on local voluntary can be a good start. Try to look for information about it on your local area. And, if you can’t find what you want, you can try this site or any other sites by typing “Volunteer Indonesia Program”. And as you find voluntary program that suits you the best, then start to join it.
Taking part in voluntary will give you an insight of social awareness as well as an opportunity to meet with wide range of new people. You can shape your organizational skill, and also your network. And who knows you will also meet your right one in the voluntary program you are joining in.

In the fifth place is…
Helping your mom
Look at how your mom has prepared food for sahur (eating before fasting, usually done before Fajr pray) at 2.00 A.M. and washed the dishes after that. She is tired but she never tells you. But, it is not a reason for you to not care about your mom. Why don’t you help your mom preparing food for break-fasting to kill the time.
Kebun cerita cerita rakyat cerita daerah folklore kisah rakyat cerita rakyat tradisional kisah seram nyata cerita seram belajar bahasa inggris
Helping mom can be a satisfying experience via

Starting today, you can help her cut the cucumber or cabbage, or you help her clean those dirty plate. Just don’t ask her whether she needs help or not! I mean, she might say no. If you want to help her, just do so!

And the last one is…
Selling “Ta’jil
Ta’jil is term used to refer to food consumed while break-fasting. Many people will prepare their own ta’jil during Ramadhan. But for those who are busy, preparing food seems to be impossible thing to do. Those people are potential customers for ta’jil sellers.
Ta’jil are widely available during Ramadhan. Usually, the sellers will start sell the food three or four hours before the break-fasting. And if you are having all time in the world and are confused how you would spend it, may be it can be the best thing you can do.
Selling Ta’jil doesn’t requires a lot money or time to start. You just make your own food like kolak pisang (sweet banana soup) or gorengan (deep-fried food made from tofu, vegetables, or banana) and sell it in front of your house. While selling tajil can surely kill the time while waiting the break-fasting, it can also help fill your pocket so that in Ied-Fitri you will have a lot of money to share with your cousins or relatives.
Well, that the alternative add-ons that you can do besides praying or reciting holy Quran. While reciting holy Quran is about learning the value of it, doing these activities can be a real implementation of what we learn from it. Because the real essence of Ramadhan is not all about of our intense devotion to our Creator but also our willingness to improve our self-quality and our relation to other people.


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