The Legend of Lubuk Emas || North Sumatra Folklore

Once there in a place called Teluk Dalam, North Sumatra lived a king named Raja Simangolong. The king lived with his beautiful wife and beautiful daughter named Sri Pandan. Sri Pandan was a attractively beautiful girl. But, not only was she beautiful, Sri Pandan also had a pleasant manner. She liked to help other people in the despite the fact that she was a princess. All people liked her, they are really grateful to have such adoring princess.
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The beauty of Sri Pandan  via

The beauty of Sri Pandan was well-known in the neighboring kingdoms. As a father and also a king, Raja Simangolong really hoped that his daughter would find a prince from neighbor kingdoms and would marry him. The king wanted that the marriage would tie the relationship between the two kingdoms even tighter.
Until one day, Royal troupe from Aceh Kingdom was coming in the palace. The troupe consisted of the king, the prince, and some important people from the kingdom. As they arrived, the king Aceh uttered the purpose of their visitation. The king articulated the prince’s desire to take the princess as his wife.
Raha Simangolong was really happy to know that there was a prince wanting to take his daughter as his wife. But the king did not want to make it rush. He answered upon the king Aceh request “I need to talk about it with my daughter. I will leave her alone to answer the prince’s proposal. We need to buy some time. I promise I will let you and the prince know as soon as my daughter comes with her answer.”
After that, the king, the prince and his people were back to their kingdom. No sooner than they left the palace did the king ask the princess about the proposal of the prince of Aceh kingdom. Raja Simangolong expressed his happy feeling to have a proposal from the neighbor kingdom and he would expect the same feeling from his daughter.
But, the princess didn’t say anything about the proposal that her father was talking about. Instead, she bend head down crying. The king was confused to see her daughter crying over such happy news.
“Why are you crying, my daughter?” asked the king
Sri Pandan didn’t answer the king question. With sob of despair she threw her face into her palms.
“Just answer my question, my daughter?” asked her father, wanting to hear an approval of her daughter over the proposal.
“Have mercy on me father” said Sri Pandang among her sobs. “I cannot accept the proposal. Not because I don’t want to be a good daughter for you. But….” There was a pause in Sri Pandan’s voice
“But what?” asked the king curiously
“But I have fallen in love with a guy. And I have promised him that I would marry him?”
“Who’s that guy?”
“Hobatan, my father”
“What?” now there’s anger in the king voice “Do you mean Hobatan our servant? Have you lost your mind, my daughter? You rejected the proposal from the price of Aceh just to be together with our servant”
The princess nodded her head slowly. She bend her head down, not wanting to see her father’s face that was in rage right now.
“Forget about Hobatan this instant!” said the king in a loud voice “accept the prince’s proposal or else, you should leave the kingdom and I will disown you!” said the king while leaving the princess alone
The princess’s cry was getting louder and louder. She then left her room to look for Hobatan. As she met Hobatan, she told him what happened between her and the king, Sri Pandan asked Hobatan to marry her and took her away from the kingdom. Sri Pandan said to Hobatan that she would take whatever it takes to live with him.
But, as Hobatan finished listening to what the princess said, he told the princess to obey what the king order her to do. He told Sri Pandan to accept the price’s proposal. So disappointed was the princess that she threatened Hobatan by saying that she would endanger herself if she should marry with someone she didn’t love.
” I would jump to the river lubuk (lubuk is the deepest part of the river) if I had to marry him” said Sri Pandan
“Don’t be silly! I know you just threaten me My Princess. Now please go home and do what your father has asked you to do. I don’t want to get involved into a trouble.”
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Lubuk where Sri Pandan jumped herself into via

The princess was very disappointed to know her lover’s answer. She would never think that Hobatan would never fight for their love. She walked to her room and packed all of her gold and some clothes. Then, in the middle of the night, she sneaked into the river with all of her gold and some clothes she had wrapped with a fine fabric.
As she reached the lubuk, she stood silent thinking of what just happened to her. Tears dripped from her eyes. “There would be no beautiful girl again in the kingdom” said the princess before she jumped into the lubuk and disappeared.
The next morning, all people in the palace were agitated because of the disappearance of the princess. The king suddenly remembered Hobatan. The king asked his soldier to bring Hobatan to him. As Hobatan stood in front of him, the king asked him about her daughter.
Hobatan told the king about what he and the princess were talking and arguing last night. He also informed the king about her threat to kill herself in the lubuk. As he heard what Hobatan said, the king with his soldiers rushed to the river to find the princess. But when they were in the river, they couldn’t find anything but a cloth that was floating in the river.
The king ask his soldier to take the cloth. When the king hold the cloth, he realized that it was his daughter’s. The king couldn’t help himself crying, regretting of what he did to his daughter. Only if he hadn’t forced his daughter to accept the price’s proposal, she would have been alive now.
Since then, because the princess took her gold with her when she jumped in the lubuk, people started to call the lubuk as “:Lubuk Emas”. Emans means gold.


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