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The Legend of Lubuk Emas || North Sumatra Folklore

Once there in a place called Teluk Dalam, North Sumatra lived a king named Raja Simangolong. The king lived with his beautiful wife and beautiful daughter named Sri Pandan. Sri Pandan was a attractively beautiful girl. But, not only was she beautiful, Sri Pandan also had a pleasant manner. She liked to help other people in the despite the fact that she was a princess. All people liked her, they are really grateful to have such adoring princess.
The beauty of Sri Pandan was well-known in the neighboring kingdoms. As a father and also a king, Raja Simangolong really hoped that his daughter would find a prince from neighbor kingdoms and would marry him. The king wanted that the marriage would tie the relationship between the two kingdoms even tighter. Until one day, Royal troupe from Aceh Kingdom was coming in the palace. The troupe consisted of the king, the prince, and some important people from the kingdom. As they arrived, the king Aceh uttered the purpose of their visitation. The kin…

Cindelaras || East Java Folklore

Once there was a kingdom named Jenggala. Jenggala kingdom was ruled by a king named Raden Putra. Raden Putra lived with his beautiful wife, the queen of the kingdom and also with his concubine. The king’s concubine was so jealous of the life of the queen. All of her time was spent by thinking on how to get rid of the queen and become the only queen in the kingdom. One day, the desire of being a queen filled the concubine’s heart and blinded her. She was coming to the kingdom physician to set a plan to get rid of the queen. With all the wealth promised by the concubine, the physician agreed to join her. As the agreement made, the queen walked back to her room with a self-satisfied smirk on her face.

The next day, the concubine was lying unmoved in her bed screaming for help. Of course it was her trick to fool all people in the kingdom. The king that heard the scream rushed to the concubine’s room. As he checked the state of his second wife, he told his people to summon the kingdom physic…