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Contoh Soal Descriptive Text dan Kunci Jawabannya

Invigorating Songs You Should put on Your Playlist Now!

Have you ever felt that life has put too heavy burden on your shoulder that you can't manage to hold it anymore? Have you ever felt that life has been unfair that you want to beat it up straight in its face? Have you ever felt that you really useless that you wish to take your own life? Well don’t, live won’t become better just because you are grumbling, crying, murmuring, or dying. While it is okay to let your emotion all out and not quickly shut off your anger, it would be much better to revive your mood, get up from your sorrow and become even stronger person. 
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Psychologically, people need stimulus to make them feel “alive” again. Other people may need to have a break and sniff fresh air by going to some where green, other people may get their emotion better by reading lines in the books, and others maybe need music to pull their life together. Thus,  now I am going to tell you some music that can boost your mood and help you put your life together again.

1.      Written in the Stars (Tinie Tempah)
This song is about a kid having miserable life living with his only mother that has job as a prostitute (as it’s shown in its video clip). This song teaches us that though people around us won’t care and underestimate what we are doing, we should never change what we believe in, we should keep going and doing what we like.

2.      Wings (Macklemore and Ryan Lewis)
Macklemore has so many good songs and one of them is “Wings”. This song is about a kid who lives his dream to be a basketball player. In its video clip we can see that the kid keeps his “expensive” shoes under his bed and has so much faith in it. He believes that someday he will be a great basketball star like Mike with the help of this pair of shoes. This song really inspires us that we should never give up on our dreams in our lives. It may costs expensive (not only in term of money, but also time and energy) to make our dream come true, but at the end of the day, it will be paid off.

3.      Hall of Fame (The Script ft.
The first time I heard this song, I knew that this song would be big and later I learned that not only is this song big, this song is also inspirational. The song tells us that we can have any ideas of what we want to become when we are adult, well we can be politicians, teachers, students, researchers, boxers, or even preacher, but one thing that we should remember is that whatever our job is, whatever our activity we keen on is, do it with dedication because dedication will lead you to success and eventually will make you stand on a hall of fame and recognized by the world.

4.      Scars to Your Beautiful
Alessia Cara is a “brave” musician. With her previous song called “here” she had successfully broke the stereotype of the “coolness” of a party that has been worshiped all the time by most singers through their songs. And now she comes again with her new song called “Scars to Your Beautiful.”
This song highlights the concept of standard beauty that has made many women in this world scared and try to cover their imperfectness in shy. Cara tries to tell her fans or whoever listen to her song that we should never too worry about what we look like, we should never too worry about our body shape, hair, or eyelash because everyone has its own beauty and at the end of the day it’s our personality, the deeper side of ourselves, that matters.
Well those are songs that may help you boost your mood. Try to listen to the song and try to understand the message the songs try to deliver and be ready to get inspired. Well, thank you for reading my blog, stay positive and don’t forget to be awesome!!!


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