Bali Sadhar Tengah

      Hi Guys, how are you? Today I am going to give you a brief review of how my village looks like. Well it is not a review tho, because I am not eligible to do that. Who I am thinking LOL? A village analyst? LOL. What I am going to do now is giving you a brief description, that’s it.
Kebun cerita cerita rakyat cerita daerah folklore kisah rakyat cerita rakyat tradisional kisah seram nyata cerita seram belajar bahasa inggris
Sunrise behind my home in Bali Sadhar Tengah
I don’t know, this idea came to my mind at sudden. When I was walking to my rice field near my home suddenly I was thinking of writing an article telling how my birth place looks like. SO please now, those still wondering and grumbling on it, leave my blog at instant, hahahha. I was just kidding, if you leave, who else gonna read my lame writing, so please stay!

This is the part that I like the most, talking about a history of something. First thing first, my village is called Bali Sadhar Tengah. One thing that I like from my village name is that whenever people outside my city or outside Lampung Province ask or know the place where I was born, they will think that I was born in Bali Island, and that I was Balinese. LOL.
There is actually story why my village hold such a name but please note that it is only my interpretation gathered from conversation I conducted with old people here years ago. So, this village was actually a transmigration destination program on Soeharto presidency era. On 60s or 70s, a lot of people from Bali Island were transmigrated by government to this place. And after that people from Java Island arrived. As Balinese people arrived first, they then named the place the same as those in their homeland. The village is then named Bali Sadhar (there were 3 district or 3 part of Bali Sadhar, which are Bali Sadhar Tengah, Bali Sadhar Utara, and Bali Sadhar Selatan)
People in Bali Sadhar Tengah are mainly composed by Javanese and Balinese. That is the reasons why the names of place here similar with those in Bali and Java, for example we have Mulyorejo, Sari Mulyo, Karang Agung, Sari Agung (In Bali Sadhar Tengah), Gel-gel and Bangli, Tabanan (In Bali Sadhar Utara), and Temakung (in Bali Sadhar Selatan).
Besides the Javanese and Balinese, there are also Sundanese and Ogan (Ogan is a tribe originated in Palembang, South Sumatera Province). The main religion in Bali Sadhar Tengah is Islam and Hindu. That’s why since I was a kid I have already felt how it feels like when my Hindu fellows have their holiday like Nyepi, Galungan, and Kuningan. And that is also the reason why I can now speak Balinese, and Sumendo (language spoken by Ogan).
I don’t want brag and belittle how people in big cities live according to what happened recently, but as we have been used to live among diversity in Bali Sadhar Tengah, the tolerance among people here are high and has been implemented well. We never happen to quarrel about whose religion is the best, and always have we been respecting each other in conducting our religion ritual activity. And this is what I like when I am back to my village. 
Most people in Bali Sadhar Tengah are farmers. My parents are farmers, my neighbor are farmers, and some of my teachers’ side job are also farmers. We have been planting rice since the first time we arrived in this village. But since 2006 or so, we have expand our land production by planting rubber trees. Besides that, we are also cultivating corn and peanut. Corn and peanut are usually cultivated after the rice season (we use “season” to indicate what most people here is planting. If we say that now is “rice season” it means that most people if not all, are planting rice).Besides being farmer, some people’s job here also are a teacher, bus driver, or grocery seller. 
People in Bali Sadhar Tengah also keeps chicken, goat, pig, and cow as domestic animal; they are raised for meat, or eggs, or money. In the past, when I was child, my mom and other women in Bali Sadhar Tengah would bring chickens to the market and sell it there to get money to buy their daily needs. Unlike goat, pig, and cow, chicken here are not caged and that is now wonder if there a lot of chicken wandering freely around people’s houses sometimes they are hit by motorcycle or car if they are stupid enough to wander too far to the road. LOL.
Kebun cerita cerita rakyat cerita daerah folklore kisah rakyat cerita rakyat tradisional kisah seram nyata cerita seram belajar bahasa inggris
Cows are raised for their meat in Bali Sadhar Tengah
Everything has a bad side, and so does my village. But I think it is not good for me to tell about it. So shall we continue to the next question please?!

O.K. good. Well I think it’s enough and thank you for reading my blog, hope you enjoy it. We’ll meet later in the next article. See you and don’t forget to be awesome!!!


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