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Civil War "Bersatu Kita Teguh Bercerai Kita Runtuh"

So literally I just watched the newest Avenger movie yesterday. I was really excited as I have been waiting this movie to come out in Cinema. So far, I am not regretting spending my Rp 25.000,00 on the movie as it gives me really striking experience I won’t forget. Well today, in my blog (of course) I am going to give you my quick review about the movie, so you will have a general idea before you decide to set aside your 2.5 hours to sit in the front of big screen watching this.

What is the movie about?           Well, I cannot give you a specific plot or a detail story of the movie because not only do I not understand it, but also I know that giving a spoiler about the movie is like letting your birthday friend know what you give him on the wrapped box before he ever open it. It is not a quite good thing to do, isn’t it?           Alright, as long as I remembered about the movie, I can state that the movie is showing you about the past life of Tony Stark. Well, in this movie,…

Soal Descriptive Text dan Kunci Jawabannya (5)

Haloo, selamat hari Senin Sahabat Kebun Cerita! Di sore yang indah ini, saya akan memberikan contoh soal descriptive text sebanyak 6 pertanyaan. Contoh soal descriptive ini dapat teman-teman gunakan untuk melatih kemampuan reading ataupun juga dapat teman-teman berikan kepada siswa. Semoga contoh soal desriptive ini bermanfaat. Silahkan dishare jika artikel ini bermanfaat dan menarik. Terimakasih.