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Batman Vs. Superman, and What I Think after Watching It.

Good evening folks, how are you? Well, I am just want to inform you that I just watched Superman vs. Batman4 days ago, and I am going to voice my opinion about the movie. I am not going to give you the review or the plot about the story because I know that it will (maybe) annoy you. I mean “Who likes being given a spoiler?” So what you are going to read below is pure my opinion, just opinion no more neither is it less.
Well, I am not really excited about this “superhero vs. Superhero” movie, because I have never watched either Batman or Superman before, so I don’t know what the previous movies are about. The reason why I watched the movie is because my friends ask me to and I can’t refuse it, LOL. Sorry, it sounds that I am playing victim here. LMAO.
Skip, skip, and skip. I was sitting in the theater’s chair when the movie began. And in the beginning, I was presented with a story of mini Batman story, I mean the childhood of Batman when his parents’ got killed on the street, and also th…

Clash of Royale || "“Mom, please don’t call I am still playing Clash of Royal”

Alright buddy, today I am going to give my brief review about a game, which I have been playing for this 3 weeks approximately. The game that I am talking about is “Clash of Royale” I don’t know whether it is “Royal” or “Royale”, and I also don’t understand what the difference of those two words. Okay, let’s not make it a matter. What is the game about? The game, in my opinion, actually looks a bit same with Clash of Clan. They have the same characters, not all, but some of them are. They have almost the same opening song, I mean the song, not actually song but the ringtone (oh God I lost my word in English) played by the time we open the game. Besides that, they also have the same “gem” and “gold” and all those expensive prices to purchase (for me) LOL. Well, the game provides us with a simple yet interesting head-to-head battle that is done online. It means that you have to be online and so is your opponent, unlike the clash of clan, where you can’t attack your opponent as they are onl…

Manik Angkeran, the Boy Who Liked Gambling || Balinese Folklore

Once there in a village in Bali, there lived a good-looking man named Manik Angkeran. Manik Angkeran was a son of Empu Sidhi Mandra. When he was child, Manik spent his boyhood by playing with other boys in the village. Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to carefully choose those who he would spend his day by playing with. He had many bad friends that would give him bad influence. Manik grew up as a man that liked to gamble. And as his parents noticed it, they started to worry.
“My Son, I have noticed lately that you have always spend your day gambling with your friends” said his father in one occasion “Don’t you realize that what you have done is not giving you any beneficial effect toward your life neither is it making your life better. Just stop gambling!” But, as his father done talking, Manik would leave home and still continued his bad habit. Almost every of his day was spend on the gambling place. He would never help his parents with their jobs.
One day, as he knew that his son didn’t f…

“You Should Buy and Read This Tempting and Intriguing Novel!” (The Girl on the Train)

Hi there. How are you? I am back again right now to give you a review of a book that I just finished reading about 15 minutes ago. It’s not a book actually, it’s a novel. But who cares? A novel is still a book, isn’t it?