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Sleeping with Other People.It's funny!!!

Good night folks, how are you?
Me? I am fine thanks. Despite the hot temperature recently here.
Hi Folks, have you seen a movie that you think like “wow this movie is reflecting me, as if it is telling about my life”. Well if you haven’t, maybe this movie will do.

Alright this movie, the movie that I am going to review is a 2015 movie, played by a comedian actor, he is really funny (in my opinion lol) and he is so talented, I think. He is Jason Sudeikis.

Wait, what?!!!! You don’t know him?????




Oh my, really?

Well if you don’t know him maybe you should get to know him through this movie. “SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE”

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What is this movie about?
Well, that’s maybe the first thought you have as you know the tittle. We can easily know from the title that the movie is about sleeping with other people, LOL.
Well that’s true. There is a sex scene on this movie, not explicit though but there are few of them.

So what is the movie about again?                                                                
Alright, this movie is about a man (Jake) and a girl (Lainey) that firstly met at the dorm of a campus in 2002. The woman was screaming outside her boyfriend door. She couldn’t get through the door as it was locked. Well, it is not told whether the boyfriend was away or he locked from inside, in fact, it doesn’t really matter.

The security guards coming through the front door of the dorm building and Jake saved her before she was taken by them. They spent all night together. They talked about everything, and off course about sex. Lainey started asking Jake how sex felt like. Jake tried to answer that “sex likes kissing with you entire body”. LOL, both Lainey and I were laughing at that. Well, it was later revealed that Jake was also virgin like Lainey was.  The, you know what happened after that. Yeah right, I don’t have to mention that right. Lainey was disappeared in the following morning and they never met since then.
Few years later, they met on a club. A weird club I think, because the club was discussing about love addiction. Well folks I really can’t explain what club it is, so let’s skip it. After meeting on the same club, they started to chat again, hang out together again. Jake knows that he like Lainey, and Lainey has the same feeling too. But despite saying what they both feeling, they hide it all and they dated another person instead.

Jake dated lots of girls, as he is a womanizer, LMAO. And Lainey couldn’t forget her old boyfriend (remember when she knocked the door on a dorm in 2002, yeah the same guy).  I think Lainey really suffer from love addiction or the more precisely is pain of love addiction. She knew that his old boyfriend has dated another girl and he was about to marry her, but Lainey kept chasing him. Kept messaging him, kept expecting call from him, and the worst part is she came to the place where he worked (he is a doctor) just only for having sex, well it was not for having sex at first but it ended up with having sex, so it is the same thing for me.

Cry, and cry, and cry. That what Lainey felt every day. Jake tried to be a great friend, cheered her, calmed her, he really wanted to have sex with her actually, but Lainey always stated that she didn’t want. LOL

So what happened between Lainey and His boyfriend, and what happened between Jake and her girlfriends, well you should watch this movie guys.

First things first, because I like it, so you should watch. Hahaha *evillaugh. Second, it is Jason Sudeikis bro….

Yeah. Then what?

Well I learn sarcastic English or English sarcastic from his movie, maybe you can learn too. Third , it is a funny movie. For you thant like a comedy movie, you may lose your ribs when watching. And fourth, there is you-know-what-it-is scenes in the movie that may turn you on, LOL, I am kidding.

Despite all the reasons why you should watch this movie, for me there some bad things on this movie too. First, this movie is almost 2 hours. 

Yeah. Then why? Lots of movie has more than 2 hours duration

Well it is related to the second reasons. There are many “talking” or “long conversation” scenes on this movie that bored me so much. Such as: conversation between Jake and Lainey in the roof top, Jake and Lainey in the restaurant, Jake and her old boyfriend in the office, Jake and co-workers in the office, Lainey and her new-boyfriend in the Chinese restaurant, and soon while we expecting there will be more funny scene on it. To be honest I almost fell; asleep while watching the “conversation” scenes.

Second, it seems that the story is always around Jake and Lainey. Well there are some other characters too, but they are not really involved in the movie. Remember when Jason Sudeikis played on The Old-Fashioned Orgy? Remember how many characters there were on that movie. Bang!!!!!!!! That’s right, that what makes it funny dude!!!!!!!

Third, well there is no third. I think it is only two. Well, maybe my review is boring and unreliable, :D. So, whether you are interested to watch the movie or not after you reading it, it doesn’t really matter for me, lmao. For your consideration, I ll put the trailer below. 

Well, bye from now. See you soon!!!


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