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Belajar Grammar || Simple Past

Nenek Pakande (English Verson) Part 1

Once upon a time, in a village named Soppeng (a district in South Sulawesi), there live friendly people that lived in peace.  Almost all people in that village were farmers. Every day, they went to their rice fields to cultivate their soil. One day, in a bright day, an old woman came to the village. That old woman looked very old with wrinkles on their faces and white hairs on their head. She wore “Konde” on their head. Konde is a kind of big fake hair attach on the head of woman. No one knew why that old woman came to the village, but it seemed that she looked for someplace to stay.

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No one also knew, that the old woman was actually “Siluman”. Siluman is kind of genie that can turn its body into a human. The old woman liked to eat flesh of human, and one favorite flesh she liked is flesh of children.  No longer is it until people in the village noticed that many children in the village began to disappear after the old woman coming. 

People in the village were suspicious of the old woman. Then they began to name the old woman as “Nenek Pakande”. Nenek means Old woman in English, while Pakande is actually Bugis Language which means “Eating” in English. So “nenek Pakande” literally mean “An Eating old woman”. Nenek Pakande, usually, would went around the village in the dusk, when the day got dark and some children still played outside the house.

In the afternoon, when the day getting darker, 2 children, brother and sister was playing in the front yard of their house. Knowing that her child was still playing outside while the day is getting darker, the mother shouted.

“Hey you two! Come inside quickly, the day is getting darker” 

But, those two children ignored what her mother said and continued playing on the front yard. The mother was now busy cooking in the kitchen. While she realized that her children hadn’t yet been in the house, she walked outside the house and came to her children. 

“Hey , don’t you hear what I have just shouted? Asked the mother a bit angry

“Yes mom, I heard, and we about to come inside. Give us at least 5 minutes more.” Said the brother, while the sister showed an agreement of what the brother said by nodding her head.

“Alright, but remember, no more than 5 minutes, okay”

The children smiled and nodded their head. And they continued playing while her mother walked to the kitchen to continue cooking.

No far from the house, behind a big mahogany tree, there stood an old woman. She had been looking the children for hours. She smiled when she noticed that the children refused their mother order to come inside the house. She looked up the sky. Birds flew back to their nest, while bats flew from their nest to look for their food. The sun began to set behind the hill. 

Nenek Pakande began to walk to the yard where the children were still playing. Her lips began to produce saliva. Her pointed teeth were shown as she smiled. The children didn’t realize that danger was coming from their back.

What will happen to the children? Will they be eaten alive


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