La Kuttu-kuttu Paddaga (English Version) Part 1

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La kuttu-Kuttu was a handsome boy that live in a village in South Sulawesi. As a boy, or as a teenager, La Kuttu love to play a game with his friends. And a game that he love to play was “Sepak Raga”. La kuttu like to play this game, and he almost played this game with his friends every day.

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One day, La Kuttu and his friends got an invitation or it was more like a challenge from a group of young man from another village to hold a Sepak Terjang match in their village. Knowing that it was a best chance to show off their skills, La kuttu and his friend accepted the challenge. Then they went to the village. 

The game was intense, and after playing for hours, La kuttu felt thirsty. Then he looked for a home near the field where the game was held. There was only one home near the field, and then La Kuttu decided to go to that house.

Reaching the house, La Kuttu saw a girl that was busy weaving. The he greeted and asked for a drink. Realizing there was a young man asking for a drink, the girl stopped weaving and told La Kuttu to go inside the house and he could have a drink there.
Then, without a second instruction La Kuttu went to the house and drank as much as he can drank. After having what he wanted, then La kuttu walked outside the house and said thanks to the girl.

“Thank you for the drink. I am really appreciated it.” Said La kuttu

“Never mind!” said the girl with a smile

‘Anyway, what are you doing?” asked La kuttu

“I am weaving our clothes: said the girl shortly

‘Oh, okay. Good luck with that” said La Kuttu nicely. Then, he walked to the field again. While he was walking to the field, La kuttu was thinking about what the girl had just said about “Our clothes”. He wondered what she meant by saying that. 

He then assumed that the girl loved him. He also realized that the girl was beautiful. Suddenly La kuttu wanted to purpose her and marry her. Knowing that he had no money for purposing the girl, La kuttu decided to find a job. He had reached the field when his thought about the girl was gone. He then continued to play the game. That day, the game was won by La kuttu and his friends. It make them become a famous Sepak Raga team in the villages there.

La kuttu had found a job, and one day while he was working, he overheard people talking near him. He was really curious because those people were talking about the weaving girl. His heart shattered, when he suddenly learned that there was a rich man that had purposed the weaving girl. The rich man from another village had taken the girl’s family heart by giving them a lot of money and thing to purpose the girl.

La kuttu was sad and depressed, he didn’t know what he could do. Now, he only hope that the rich man would cancel his plan to marry the girl.

But, will that happen? Will a miracle fall down from the sky and make the rich man change his mind about the marriage?

 Be patient, the it will be told in part 2.


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