Contoh Soal Narrative Text 10 Soal dan Kunci Jawabannya (2)

       Selamat hari minggu sahabat Kebun cerita. Di kesempatan berbahagia ini, saya akan memberikan contoh soal narrative text yang dilengkapi dengan kunci jawaban. Contoh soal narrative text ini dapat sahabat EduofEnglish gunakan untuk melatih kemampuan reading ataupun sebagai bahan test untuk murid. Semoga contoh soal descriptive text ini bermanfaat. Silahkan meng-copy soal ini, tetapi jangan lupa sertakan sumbernya ya atau share blog ini. Terimakasih.

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Text 1
       Long, long ago, when the gods and goddesses used to mingle in the affairs of mortals, there was a small kingdom on the slope of Mount Wayang in West Java. The King, named Sang Prabu, was a wise man. He had an only daughter, called Princess Teja Nirmala, who was famous for her beauty but she was not married. One day Sang Prabu made up his mind to settle the matter by a show of strength.
       After that, Prince of Blambangan, named Raden Begawan had won the competition. Unfortunately, the wicked fairy, Princess Segara fell in love with Raden Begawan and used magic power to render him unconscious and he forgot his wedding. When Sang Prabu was searching, Raden Begawan saw him and soon realized that he had been enchanted by the wicked fairy. The fairy could not accept this, so she killed Raden Begawan. When Princess Teja Nirmala heard this, she was very sad. So a nice fairy took her to the Kahyangan.
1.      Which one of the following statements is false about Sang Prabu?
(A)  Sang Prabu was a father of his only daughter
(B)  Sang Prabu was a king of a kingdom in West Java
(C)  Sang Prabu was  taken to Kahyangan by a wicked fairy
(D) Sang Prabu was a wise man
(E)   Sang Prabu didn’t have a son
2.      Why the wicked fairy did used her magic to make Raden Begawan unconscious?
(A)  She didn’t like Raden Begawan
(B)  She didn’t want Raden Prabu marry the princess
(C)  She wanted Teja Nirmala to forget about her wedding
(D) She didn’t want the prince of Blambangan marry the princess
(E)   She didn’t want the prince of Blambangan feel love with her
3.      What do you think will happen if gods or goddesses cannot mingle in the affairs of people in the earth at that time?
(A)  Princess Segara will have married with Raden Begawan
(B)  Sang Prabu will not hold strength competition
(C)  Raden Begawan will not die
(D) Teja Nirmala will stay in the Kahyangan
(E)   Wicked Fairy will not take Raden Begawan’s life
4.      So a nice fairy took her to the Kahyangan. (Paragraph 2) The word her in the sentence refers to…
(A)  The wicked fairy
(B)  The nice fairy
(C)  Princess Nirmala
(D) Prince Teja
(E)   The prince of Blambangan
5.      The similarity between fairy and human according to the text.
(A)  The place they live
(B)  The jealousy that they posses
(C)  The way they don’t feel a love
(D) The strength they have
(E)   Their life that is immortal

Text 2
       A long time ago, there lived on the island of Bali a giant-like creature named Kbo Iwo. The people of Bali used to say that Kbo Iwo was everything, a destroyer as well as a creator. He was satisfied with the meal, but this meant for the Balinese people enough food for a thousand men.
       Difficulties arose when for the first time the barns were almost empty and the new harvest was still a long way off. This made Kbo Iwo wild with great anger. In his hunger, he destroyed all the houses and even all the temples. It made the Balinese turn to rage.
       So, they came together to plan steps to oppose this powerful giant by using his stupidity. They asked Kbo Iwo to build them a very deep well, and rebuild all the houses and temples he had destroyed. After they fed Kbo Iwo, he began to dig a deep hole.
       One day he had eaten too much, he fell asleep in the hole. The oldest man in the village gave a sign, and the villagers began to throw the limestone they had collected before into the hole. The limestone made the water inside the hole boiling . Kbo Iwo was buried alive. Then the water in the well rose higher and higher until at last it overflowed and formed Lake Batur. The mound of earth dug from the well by Kbo Iwo is known as Mount Batur.
6.      Which the following fact is true about Kbo Iwo?
(A)  Kebo Iwo ate a little amount of meat
(B)  Kebo Iwo is a destroyer that cannot make anything
(C)  Kebo Iwo was angry because his food was stolen by Balinese people
(D) Kebo Iwo destroyed all the house but not the temple
(E)   Kebo eat food was equal for food of thousand people
7.      Why did Kbo Iwo feel angry to the Balinese people?
(A)  Because Balinese people ate his meal
(B)  Because Balinese people took his food so his barns was empty
(C)  Because Balinese people didn’t give him food
(D) Because Balinese people were in hunger
(E)   Because Balinese people turned to rage
8.      According to the story, if Kbo Iwa is never existed in Bali island, what do you think will happen?
(A)  There will be no Bali island
(B)  Bali People will never be angry
(C)  All Bali people will live in a prosperous way
(D) We are not able see the beauty of Lake Batur
(E)   Mount Batur will not be a sacred place now
9.      So, they came together to plan steps to oppose this powerful giant……(Paragraph 3) The antonym of the word “oppose “ is….
(A)  Support
(B)  Defeat
(C)  Turn Against
(D) Beat
(E)   Change
10.  What is mount batur?
a.       A lake build by Kbo Iwa
b.      A well dug by Kbo iwa
c.       The mountain build by Kbo Iwa
d.      A mound of earth dug from the well by Kbo iwa
e.       A home build by Balinese people to Kbo Iwa

Kunci Jawaban
1.      C
2.      D
3.      E
4.      C
5.      B
6.      E
7.      C
8.      D
9.      A
10.  D


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