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Type It on Google Before It's Too Late!!!

What are you doing on Google Homepage? Do you just type keywords and wait Google just find it to you. Well if that what happens to you, you really miss something that Google can do more. So what something else that Google homepage can do for us? Well, here they are
1.Type “Zerg Rush” (without the quotation mark) And it that happens. There will be lots of “O” alphabet that comes out of nowhere and eat all t search result on your Google page. There will be red and yellow “o” and if you click them, there will be destroyed and you will get a point, but don’t expect to win, LOL. At the end, they will eat up your search result and they will form into “GG”. I don’t know what “GG” means.


2.  Type “Pacman” ((without the quotation mark) And here we go again. This time you will not be attacked, but instead you will be provided with a popular old game, Pacman. What a nostalgic game!

3.Type “Bletchley Park” (without the quotation mark) If you have typed bletchley park and click the search icon, you wil…

Sleeping with Other People.It's funny!!!

Good night folks, how are you?
Me? I am fine thanks. Despite the hot temperature recently here. Hi Folks, have you seen a movie that you think like “wow this movie is reflecting me, as if it is telling about my life”. Well if you haven’t, maybe this movie will do.