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The Origin of “Guel” Dance || Aceh Folklore (Part II)

When the boats reached the island, they day had been dark. Then they tried to find a place to stay. They found a place that was actually langgar (note langgar is a small version of a mosque). They decided to stay and sleep there. In the morning, people of Serule that passed by the langgar were shocked as they saw two boys with shabby looks were sleeping there. 
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People of Serule , then took those brothers to the palace to be interrogated. After they met the king, those two brothers told what happened to them. Knowing what already happened to those brothers, the king felt sad and the king decided to adopt them, and they became the sons of the king.

The adoption of those brothers gave a good effect to the living of people of Serule. Their lives became better and better. It was believed that it happened because the blessing that those brothers had. As a proof of blessing that those brothers had, every day right before the sun set, there would be sparkling light in light of Serule.

Seeing the prosperity that Serula had because of the blessing of the adopted children, King of Linge felt jealous. Then he commanded his soldiers to do to the Serule palace and killed the children. In the attempt of the murder, Muris, the elder brother, was killed and Segara was safe. Seganda was rescued by the king and he was, then, put into a a secret place where not all people know where it was. Meanwhile, the body of Muria then was buried in the bank of a riverin Samarkilang village, Central Aceh. 

There is a tradition in Aceh that every the end of a year, that every king in each would come to Kutaraja to present their tribute to the Sultan of Aceh. And this year, came to Kutaraja along with Seganda. When the king met the Sultan of Aceh, Seganda waited outside. To eliminate his boredom, Seganda draw a picture of an animal, which was an elephant. The animal drawn by Seganda attracted an attention from the daughter of Sultan Aceh. Then, the daughter asked his father to bring her an animal that looked like the one drawn by Seganda.

The Sultan cannot rejected what his daughter asked. Then he command the king and Segenda to find the elephant and bring it to his palace. The king felt confused when receiving such a hard task, because he didn’t know how to find the elephant neither did he know how to catch it. Know the confusion of his adopting father, Seganda the told him that few nights ago, he dreamt that his brother came to see him and in that dream, his brother show him the way to find and catch the elephant.

The next following day, the king along with Seganda went to the forest. They walked according to the direction told by Muria in Seganda’s dream. As they reached the place, they saw the elephant that was wallowing. They then put a rope in the elephant’s neck. The elephant remained silent at first, but when he realized that there were human and they put a rope over his neck, the elephant suddenly ran quickly.

The white elephant finally stopped running in the Muria’s grave di Samarkilang village. They tried to make the elephant move from the grave but no matter what they did, the elephant didn’t move. They then tried to make the elephant move by performing a dance. The king and Seganda moved their body and started to dance. Seeing what the human did the elephant started to move and finally the elephant followed them to the Sultan’s palace.

And now, the dance that the king and Segenda did to persuade the elephant to move from the grave is known as “Guel” dance. And that dance becomes a traditional dance of Gayo people.

                                                                  THE END



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