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The Chickens and The Cobs || Ayam dan Ikan Tongkol || Jambi Folklore

Hi guys how are you? Well, I am okay, thanks for asking. Today I am going to tell you about a short folklore that originates from Jambi. This story is telling about the friendship of chickens and cobs built long time ago that unfortunately that relationship cannot be maintained any longer now. So, why do you think they aren’t longer friends now? Did the cobs bully the chickens? Or did the chicken take the cob’s girlfriend? LOL , just read this. Anyway, if you find my English is not so good, well please be advised as English is not my mother tongue. So peace out and don’t forget to be awesome!

Cerita Rakyat

Once upon a time, there lived a group of chickens who has a king namely Kukuru, and also a group of cobs whose king’s name is Halili. Then the two group of those animals were getting know each other and made a good mutual relationship. The group chicken often asked the group of cobs to come to the mainland and so did the group of cobs. They also often asked the group of chicken to visit their houses in the water.

One day, Kukuru told to Halili that there will be a party in a fisherman village which was not too far from their homes. There will be many delicious food served in that party. There will be also dancing session. Hearing what Kukuru told, Halili felt interested and told Kukuru that he and his people would love to come to the fishermen party. Kukuru said that he and his people were also ready to accompany them there.
One the afternoon, Kukuru and his people came to the party. They came along with Halili and the other cobs. Before going to the party, Halili told Kukuru that Kukuru should tell Halili if the dawn was coming.

Kukuru agreed with that and promised he would told Halili if the dawn was coming. Then they came to the party. The party was so amusing. All fishermen, cobs, and chicken were happy. Felling tired, all chicken fell asleep in the party. The chickens forgot that the dawn was about to come. They were still sleeping. The sun set higher and higher, and the day got brighter and brighter. All fishermen that hadn’t slept yet was suddenly surprised as they saw there were a lot of cobs in their party. They never thought before that they would see that delicious cobs there. They were too happy the night before so that they didn’t realize that the cobs were there dancing with them.

Knowing that they were about to be caught, cobs were trying to run away. Some cobs were lucky enough to get escaped while the others had to accept their fate to end up as fishermen’s breakfast.

      The cobs’ king, Halili, felt angry to Kukuru and his people. Then he cursed the chickens. He cursed that the chicken would not be able to see in the night and also he promised that he would eat all chickens that trying to touch the water.
Since then, all chickens cannot she when the night comes, and also if we trying to catch some cobs, it will make us easier to do if we use quill as the bait.

The Indonesian version of this story is adapted from  here

Dulu ada raja bangsa ayam bernama kukuru dan raja bangsa ikan tongkol bernama halili.mereka pun berkenalan dan menjadi sahabat.ayam sering mengajak tongkol ke darat,begitu pula sebaliknya.
Suatu hari kukuru bercerita kepada halili ada pesta dansa di kampung nelayan.di sana ada makanan lezat dan tarian-tarian.halili pun ingin pergi.kukuru pun sanggup mengantar mereka.
Suatu sore kukuru mengajak bangsa ikan tongkol pergi ke pesta itu.semua ikan tongkol dan ayam pergi ke pesta itu,sebelum berangkat halili berpesan agar memberi tahukan bahwa jika telah fajar.
Pesta pun berlangsung sangat meriah.kukuru,halili dan para rakyat amat senang. karena kekenyangan mereka pun tertidur.tanpa sadar fajar telah semakin tinggi.
Lalu terjadi kehebohan karena para ikan tongkol di tangkap nelayan.karena hal itu halili mengutuk semua bangsa ayam menjadi buta pada malam hari dan bersumpah akan memakan semua ayam yg datang ke laut ,karena itu nelayan mudah memancing ikan tongkol dengan bulu ayam.


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