The Legend of Putri tangguk || Jambi Folklore Part 2

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 The Legend of Putri Tangguk || Jambi Folklore Part 1
In the following morning, all children and her husband woke and felt starve like a horse. The youngest child was crying because he cannot hold his starve anymore, and so did the other children. Then, Putri Tangguk asked her husband to take grist in the rice barn and pound them. The husband then walked to one of the barns and opened its door. The husband was shocked as he found the barn was empty.
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“Where is my grist gone?” asked the husband

The the husband get panic and he checked all his barns. He was so much panic as he found nothing in the other barns.

“My wife, my wife! Come here! Hurry!” screamed the husband

“What happened?” asked Putri Tangguk Worriedly

‘Look! All rice barns we have is now all empty. I am sure there was a thief last night” said the husband

Putri Tangguk was surprised of what she just saw. She cannot believe that all grist she and her husband had collected was all gone.

“That’s right my husband! There was a thief last night. He even stole rice and pounded grist! But I think it won’t be a matter. Our rice field is like a grist producing machine, isn’t it?” said Putri Tangguk

Then, Putri Tangguk took her husband hand and asked hm to go to the rice field. When they arrived in the rice field, Putri Tangguk screamed

“We are so dead now! Look at our rice field. There is no Paddy plant there. All of tangguk is now covered by grass!”

The husband cannot do anything as he saw his rice field state now. He just couldn’t believe of all the weird thing that just happened to his family. Then, Putri Tangguk and her husband was back home. In the way home, Putri Tangguk kept thinking about what something wrong she had done so that all this bad lucks happened to her. Then she remembered the last day she went to the rice field. That time, she poured almost all grist she and her husband just harvested to the path to make it not slippery.

“Oh My God! Is that something wring that I did so this bad luck comes to my family” murmured Putri Tangguk

As they arrived home, Putri Tangguk cannot do anything but lying and sitting. She sat and daydreamed almost all day. When she was sleeping in the night, she had a dream at which a long-bearded man visited her in that dream.

“You, Putri Tunggak! I know you have only small and narrow rice field, but it gives you a lot of grist. You rice field is even able to fill the Kerinci lake with its grist. But unfortunately! You are too big-headed and ungrateful about what you have. You didn’t show your thanks by pouring the grist you just picked over the road. 

Putri Tangguk, You should know, among the grist you poured in the roud, there is black grist. The black grist is our king. Then, as what you did to our king is really horrible, we shall not come and grow again in your rice field. Your family fate will be bad. Your fortune is like a chicken fortune. What you got today will directly be all used today. You won’t be able to save anything from your work.” Said the long-bearded man in her dream

The man had disappeared before Putri Tangguk said a word. Then she awoke from her sleep and she realized that the day had already been bright. Putri Tangguk kept thinking what the long-bearded man said in her dream. She was deeply regret of what she did days ago. But she also knew there was nothing that crying over spilled milk will give no use.
……………………………….........................THE END………………………………………………………….


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