Mahasiswa Jogja Mysterious Call || Telepon Misterius (Chapter 2|End)

       The story is told in two languages Bahasa and English. The story in English is provided first and the story in Bahasa follows!
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           After 12 hours being turned off, the phone was turned on. The job I was doing was finnaly done at night. I got much free time when I didn’t do my job. Then I looked around at the kosan and at the second floor. I saw that Adi and Gani had already been in their own room. Then both of us came to Adi’s roo to have a little chat. Yes, a little chat was a commonly activity that Indonesia students do in their free time. We love chatting

     While we were in the middle of our chatting, my phone that I had turned on before was ringing again. I took a glance on its screen. New number was calling as I saw. Then I cut off the chat and pick up the call. 

Me: Yes hello.

Caller: I am Monika

Damn!!!! What the hell is it?  I then immediately cut off the call. What was going on? That was the first thing that came up to my mind after hearing what the caller said to me. Seeing a panic on my face, Adi asked me what was going on.

Adi: Who call you?

Me: I don’t know. She have been calling me since yeaterday. Over and over again

Adi: She is maybe your secret admirer. Hahaha

Me: I don’t think she is. I don’t know who she is!

        Then, the incoming call notification appeared on my phone, and that was the same number that called a few minute ago. Then I pressed the red button on my phone. Ten second after that, the number called me again, then I rejected. 

         Knowing what I was doing, Adi and Gani put some joke on me. They said that the caller must be my secret admire that love me so much. Well, I didn’t care about those joke actually, I just concerned about who in hell the caller is. The I put away my phone and I can still see that incoming call still appeared on the screen.

         Then while there was incoming call on my phone, Adi’s phone which laid on the top of a table also rang. And so did Gani’s phone that he put on his sack, it also rang too. We then looked each other. What a coincidence to have a call at the same time.  I then looked at the Adi’s phone scree. 

“Wowwwww, that’s the same number” I said 

“What?” Adi was shocked and he then took my phone and he saw my screen.

Adi’s mouth was opened as he knew that the number calling him and me was the same. Then Gani, take both our phone. And he cried hysterically.

“Guys, look what happened” then he put our phones together in the floor. 

“Look, the number” Gani said

“What the hell is going on” Adi and I said almost together.

Then, three of us were frightened. We were scared, how can one number call three phones in the same times. Gani made bold of himself and he picked up the call. He then aske who the caller was. Then, his mimic became so weird, like a someone that was scared to death.
 He said “It is Monika”

“Monica who, are you my friend” Said Gani

“I am Monika: The caller said again

“Stopped it, it is not funny” yelled Gani

“I am Monika”

        He then cut of the phone and threw it on the floor. We gathered around at one point in the room. We were silent. We tried to make up our mind and figure out what is happening. Then

       The call came again and it called three of our phones. We then rushed ourselves to take the phone. We rejected the call. It popped up again, and we rejected it. It called again, and we rejected it. It finally got us annoyed. We then decided to turn off the phone until the day after. Fortunately, the terror of the call didn’t show up again. But something that left me a question is how one number can call three different phones at the same time. And also, how can they got our number. If the caller was Adi’s or Gani’s  friend how  he/she can get my number while I didn’t know Adi’s or Gani’s friends neither did Adi’s or Gani’s friends know me.

        After that night, I turned off the phne, and there was no incoming call. I felt so relieved. Alas, according to Gani and Adi, they said that they had the mysterious incoming call for two nights. And everytime the number called, it called Adi and Gani at the same time.

……………………………………………………THE END…………………………………

Seharian hape kedua ane ini non-aktif.  Malemnya, ane udah free tugas sama job. Dikos juga ada Mas Adi sama Mas Gani. Tapi ane ga cerita soal yang semalem sama mereka. Kita bertiga lagi nongkrong di kamarnya mas Adi gan. Pas lagi asik-asiknya ngobrol, hape ane geter ada yang telepon gan. Ini bukan hape yang semalem ditelepon monika yak. Ini hape kedua ane. Berhubung ane kaga hapal nomornya si monika, ane dengan geblegnya ngangkat hape. 

:Ane: "Assalamualaikum. Haloo.."

Penelepon: "Aku monika"

Hasyem tenan.

Langsung ane putus teleponnya.

Mas Adi: "Sopo e?"
Ane: "Ra ngerti mas. Ket wingi telepon terus."

Mas Gani: "Fans mu paling. Wkwkwk"
Ane: "Dudu laaahh. Ra ngerti ki sopo.

Selang berapa menit, hape ane ditelepon lagi. Langsung ane reject. Ditelepon lagi, ane reject lagi. Mas Adi sama Mas Gani mulai ngebully ane gara-gara ngira ane punya semacam secret admirer gitu Miscall ini sampe ada gatau berapa kali ane reject. Trus tiba-tiba gan, hapenya Mas Adi yang di meja, sama hapenya Mas Gani yang dkantong bunyi gan. Ada yang nelepon mereka. Saat yang sama, hape ane juga ada yang telepon, tapi cuma geter aja. Mas Adi sama Mas Gani liat-liatan, terus ngeliat ane
Pas kita bertiga nyamain, no.hape peneleponnya sama gan. Jadi penelepon ini nelepon 3 no.yang berbeda dengan 1 no.dalam waktu yang bersamaan. Plis, kalo ada yang bisa jelasin secara ilmiah, tolong ane dikasih tau.

Kita bertiga mulai gentar. Trus Mas Gani, yang rada beranian, ngangkat hapenya. Pas tombol terima teleponnya dipencet, misscall di hape ane dan hape Mas Adi berhenti. Mas Gani langsung nanya peneleponnya dia siapa. Trus dijawab sama penelepon. Mas Gani noleh ke ane sambil ngomong tanpa suara; "Monika. Monika sopo?  

Ane geleng-geleng. Mas Gani matiin teleponnya. Pas setelah tombol tutup panggilan dipencet, hape kita bertiga bunyi lagi gan  Kita bertiga ngereject, terus habis direject, tiga-tiganya bunyi lagi. Sampe berapa kali gitu, akhirnya kita mutusin buat matiin hape kita bertiga.

Besoknya, ane ngidupin kedua hape ane lagi gan. Ga ada yang miscall sih. Tapi dari cerita Mas Adi sama Mas Gani, semalem mereka ngidupin hapenya. Dan ketika dihidupin, kedua hape itu langsung ditelepon lagi secara bersamaan. Kejadian ini cuma berlangsung 2 malem berturut-turut itu sih. Habis itu si monika ini ga pernah telepon lagi. Dan sampe sekarang ane masih kaga tau monika ini siapa?


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