Lutung Kasarung, The Untold Legend of a Talking Ape. || West Java Folklore || Part 1

Lutung Kasarung, The Untold Story of a Talking Ape|| West Java Folklore|| Part 2.
Once, there was akingdom in West Java ruled by a wise king named Prabu Tapa Agung. The Kingdon name was Pasir Batang Kingdom. The king had seven daughters that were beautiful. They were Purbarang (the eldest). Purbadewata, Purbaendah, Purbakancana, Purbamanik, and Purbasari (the youngest). From those seven daughters, five of them had married, and they were Purbaarang, and Purbasari that hadn’t married yet.

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Lately, The king, Prabu Tapa Agung alsways sat in his throne and had a sad expression in his face. It looked like that he had a very big problem. Seeing what happened to the king, the queen tried to talk about the problem with the king.

“My husband, you looked dampish lately, what happened? What had burdened your mind, my husband? Tell me, I may be able to help you to lighten your burden.” Said the queen

“My wife, I was growing older and older each day. I felt that I can’t rule the kingdom anymore. I need someone to change me to sit in this throne, but I was so confused” said Prabu Tapa Agung

“Confused about what? Why was you confused for?” asked the queen

Prabu Tapa then told the queen that he was confused to choose which one between his two daughters which were Purbaarang and Purbasari that was suitable to rule the kingdom. According to the customary law, the one that had to be in the throne must be Purbaarang as she was the eldest daughter, but then he thought that his eldest daughter cannot be a kingdom ruler as her manner that was bad. Purbaarang was big-headed, arrogant, and sly. Prabualso was also reckless, she often made a decision about a problem without thought it deeply and wisely so that the decision she made often trigger a trouble. While in the other hand, his youngest daughter, Purbasari was a wise and kind-hearted woman. 

Then the king and the queen discussed about the king’s successor. In the following day, the king announce the decision. The decision told that Prabusari, the youngest daughter of the king shall be the king’s successor and thus she will rule the kingdom. 

Purbaarang was angry and disappointed as she heard what his father had announced. She felt that she was the one that had to be the ruler of the kingdom as she was the eldest. Then, she told this news to her fiancé, Raden Indrajaya.

“My fiancĂ©, my father announced his decision about who will be his successor today. He then chose Purbasari to be his successor” told Purbaarang angrily

Prabu Indrajaya was furious when she heard what Purbaarang told him

“We can let this happened, we had to do something” said him

“So what is you plan then?” said Purbaarang

“We have to get rid your sister off from the palace. We have to evacuate her.” Said Prabu Indrajaya telling his paln.

Then they discussed about the best way to get rid Purbasari off from the palace. Then, they went to a shaman named Ni Ronde. They asked her for help to give a black magic to Purbasari. Ni Ronde then did what she asked to do.

While in the palace, in the next following day, there was a chaos happened. The Purbasari that was going to declared to be the queen of the palace was suddenly sick from a strange disease. Her body was all read and itchy. Then, after scratched, black spots appeared on Purbasari’s body. The king then asked the healer to come but no one cannot help Purbasari to be healed from the disease. The, Purbaarang didn’t want to miss the chance to agitate the king. She said to her father

“Father, this horibble thing may happen because we didn’t follow the customary law to choose the eldest to be the successor. Our ancient spirits was angry and they cursed Purbasari with the disease. We have to do something otherwise our kingdom will also be cursed” agitated Purbaarang

Confused of what happened, the king then believed of what his eldest told him. Then, he sent Purbasari out of the kingdom. He put Purbasari in the forest so that the kingdom would not be cursed. The king told his plan to Purbasari and Purbasari only nodded her head. 

In the following day, the king asked his chief, Uwak Batara Lengser, to drop her in the forest. After making a cabin in the wood, he told Purbasari to stay there and tried to determine her heart.

‘Determine your heart Purbasari. May this trouble will end soon. I wish God will always watch and keep you safe. I will always come by to give you food and beverage” said Uwak Batara

“Thank you so much Uncle” said Purbasari

Since then, Pubasari lived in the forest all alone. To overcome her loneliness, every morning Purbasari would walk aaround the cabin and played with the animals she met. The animals was happy to play with Purbasari, In a few days, Purbasari already had many animal friend that sometime would help her to look for fruits in the forest.

One day, when Purbasari was playing with her animal friends in the forest, she saw a nig ape walking towards her. There, an ape is called as “Lutung”. The Lutung walked towards her. Lutung had a very scary face that made Purbasari frightened. 

“No!! Please don’t hurt me Lutung! Pleae I beg you! Screamed Purbasari when she saw lutung walking closer to her

……………………………………TO BE CONTINUED………………………………………


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