Lutung Kasarung, The Untold Legend of a Talking Ape. || West Java Folklore || Part 2

Lutung was walking closer and close and Purbasari got frightener. Then Lutung said to Purbasari. “Please don’t be afraid. I mean no harm” said Lutung. Purbasari was shocked as Lutung was able to speak like a human. Never had she met a talking ape like Lutung before.
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“Hi, who are you actually and where are you from?” asked Purbasari began to start a conversation.

“My name is Guruminda, The son of Ambu from Khayangan. I committed a bad thing so that I was thrown to earth and my body turned to be an ape. I was lost in this forest actually” answered Lutung

Knowing the reason why Lutung was there, Purbasari felt relief, there was no afraid feeling inside her toward Lutung anymore. Purbasari, then, introduced herself to Lutung and tell her story. Then, feeling that they had almost the same story of life, they then became a close friend. Since then, Purbasari always call him as “Lutung Kasarung.” It literally means Lutung or an ape that was lost. Wherever Purbasari walked, Lutung always followed behind her. Lutung also often picked fruits hanging in the forest tree and gave them to Purbasari.

One night, in the full moon, Lutung was off to a place that was really lonely. Purbasari didn’t know that Lutung went to the place as she already slept. As Lutung arrived in that place, then he sat on a big rock and began to meditate. In his meditation, He asked to god to cure the disease of Purbasari. Then, what Lutung asked for to god was answered. The ground surrounding the rock at which he sat on became a small lake. The water was really clear, cold, good-smelled, and also curing. After the sun rose in the east sky, Lutung headed to the cabin where Purbasari was sleeping. As he got nearer, he saw that Purbasari had already got up. Then, he asked Purbasari to follow him to the small lake.

“Hi Lutung, why do you take me to this small lake?’ asked Purbasari curiously

“Please, just have a bath there Purbasari! It can cure your disease” answered Lutung shortly 

Then, Purbasari had a bath on the small like. She soaked herself on that lake. The magic then happened. The black spot that covered all of Purbasari’s skin, then slowly faded and they left no sign. The skin of Purbasari then became as white as before. Also, she got as beautiful as before too. 

“I cannot believe it!” screamed Purbasari happily. Then she thanked to Lutung for what he just done. Then, Purbasari felt that she was happier to live in the forest rather than living in the palace. Her heart had been blended with the live of the forest. She had made a lot of friend with the forest inhabitants. Moreover, She didn’t have to see or meet her sister who are Purbaarang.

One day, Uwak Batara Lengser visited her in the cabin in the wood, and he was shocked as he found that Purbasari had recovered from her illness. He found that Purbasari had tuned to be as beautiful as before. Then, Uwak Batara Lengser asked Purbasari to come back to the palace.

“Purbasari, as you have recovered now, and as the king also order me to take you home so, please follow me to the palace.” Asked Uwak Batara

At first, Purbasari refused Uwak Batara order to be back to the palace. But after being persuaded, Purbasari accept the order under one condition. It was that Lutung Kasarung must be brought to the palace with her. 

“Okay, I will follow you. But my friend here, Lutu Kasarung, must be brought together with us. He had help me to heal my disease” answered Purbasari.

“That would be fine Purbasari. I can see that The King won’t mind if we take Lutung Kasarung to the palace” said Uwak Batara.

The, together, the tree of them walked out of the forest to the palace. As they arrived home, they were welcomed firmly by king and queen and all of people in the palace. Alas, there were some that didn’t like by the arrival of Purbasari. They were Purbaarang and Raden Indrajaya, because they knew that the king would change his mind and gave the throne back to Purbasari as now Purbasari had recovered. Purbaarang then talked to his father.

“Father, forgive me! But I think we cannot declared Purbasari as the queen though she had recovered now! Said Purbaarang

The king looked at the Purbaarang’ eyes. Then, he said

“What do you want now?” asked the king

“Why don’t you hold a throne competition? Those who win the competition shall receive the throne, while the one that is lose will be punished. It will be far fairer” explained Purbaarang to his father. The king then agreed to what her daughter offered. The next following day, he held a competition that was followed by Purbaarang and Purbasari. The competition was a cooking and the longest hair competition.
Before the game began, Lutung Kasarung talked to Purbasari.

“Don’t be afraid. I will help you” said Lutung Kasarung. Putri smiled as she heard what Lutung said.

Then, the game began. All of people was assembled in the place hwre the game was ste. They were watching this unusual competition. The first competition was cooking competition. Those that was the fastest one in serving the cooking and also had a delicious cooking will win the competition. 

After the competition equipment had been set to both Purbasari and Purbaarang, the gong was stroked as a sign that the competition began. Purbaarang then was busied with her cooking ingrient. She was help by many servants while Purbasari was only helped by Lutung Kasarung. In a short time, Purbaarang cooking was almost done. Knowing that, Purbasari was panic. She didn’t know what to do. She was afraid to lose as the loser will get a big punishment.

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