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Belajar Grammar || Simple Past

The Logo of Pharmacy, How and Where does It Comes from?

Have you ever gone to hospital or pharmacy? Or have you ever passed by in front of it? Well then, my next question that “Have you ever noticed the logo put up in the top of the building or in the wall? Hm…. Well you think what the logo that I am talking about, don’t you? All right do you catch what the logo I mean? That’s right. If your answer is the logo of pharmacy.
Well then, you ask yourself why in earth I am asking about the logo of pharmacy. Hm,.. I myself actually do not know why I am asking about the logo. Oh, I remember maybe it is because I saw someone wearing a jacket while I was taking pray in mosque. He wore a jacket at which there was written in the back part of the jacket  “Pharmacy 91” along with a picture of snake coming up from a glass. Then, a curiosity was approaching my mind at that time and it whispered a question” oi…humankind find out why a snake is used to symbolize a pharmacy”. “Wakata” I said in a Naruto’s style. Haha.  Then, here it goes, I ended up at Google …

Lutung Kasarung, The Untold Legend of a Talking Ape. || West Java Folklore || Part 3

Lutung Kasarung, The Untold Legend of a Talking Ape. || West Java Folklore || Part 1 Lutung Kasarung, The Untold Legend of a Talking Ape. || West Java Folklore || Part 2 Lutung Kasarung take Purbasari’s hand and he whispered something to Purbasari’s ears.  “Remain calm. I will help you as I promised before” whispered Lutung Kasarung. Then, Lutung Kasarung close his eyes and he put his two hands in fromt of his chest. Lutung Kasarung called the angels is Khayangan to come to the earth to help Purbasari. Lutung also asked them to stay invisible so that there was no one know that they were in the earth but he and Purbasari.
Then, wind blew Purbasari hair. Purbasari turned her back and she saw seven beautiful angels were ready to help her. Magically, they did the cooking was so fast and Purbasari’s cooking was done earlier than Purbaarang’s. After testing the food, the judges then announced that the taste of Purbasari’s food was way better and more delicious. So that, the winner for the first…

Lutung Kasarung, The Untold Legend of a Talking Ape. || West Java Folklore || Part 2

Lutung Kasarung, The Untold Story of a Talking Ape || West Java Folklore|| Part 1 Lutung Kasarung, The Untold Legend of a Talking Ape. || West Java Folklore || Part 3 Lutung was walking closer and close and Purbasari got frightener. Then Lutung said to Purbasari. “Please don’t be afraid. I mean no harm” said Lutung. Purbasari was shocked as Lutung was able to speak like a human. Never had she met a talking ape like Lutung before.
“Hi, who are you actually and where are you from?” asked Purbasari began to start a conversation.
“My name is Guruminda, The son of Ambu from Khayangan. I committed a bad thing so that I was thrown to earth and my body turned to be an ape. I was lost in this forest actually” answered Lutung
Knowing the reason why Lutung was there, Purbasari felt relief, there was no afraid feeling inside her toward Lutung anymore. Purbasari, then, introduced herself to Lutung and tell her story. Then, feeling that they had almost the same story of life, they then became a close fr…

Lelembut Berambut Panjang di Rumah Lamaku

Note: Kisah seram nyata ini terjadi di rumah lama teman penulis yang bernama Rizka sekitar 12 tahun yang lalu. Kejadian seram nyata ini terjadi rumahlamanya yang sekarang dikontrakan. Rumah bercat putih berlantai dua ini sempat memberikan cerita mistis tersendiri bagi Rizka dan anggota keluarganya atau juga bagi pembantu yang pernah bekerja di rumah. Bagaimana kisah ini? SIlahkan simak selengkapnya di bawah ini! Namaku Rizka, aku anak ke dua di keluargaku. Sekitar 12 tahun yang lalu, kejadian aneh sempat mewarnai rumah yang aku tinggali bersama dengan orangtua, adik, dan om ku (adik dari ibu). Walaupun aku sendiri tidak sempat merasakan kehadiran “nya” tetapi anggota keluargaku yang lain sempat mengalaminya.     
    A.Barang-Barang Antik Bali
Ayahku adalah lulusan pendidikan Bahasa Inggris. Melalui kemampuan Bahasa Inggris inilah ia membuka bisnis travel Jakarta-Bali sejak ia muda sekitar tahun 1987 sampai sekarang. Saat ia muda, ia bisa pergi dari Jakarta-Bali hingga dua kali dalam set…